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Services (Behaviour modification & Dog obedience in Sale & surrounds)

At Unified Canine, we aim to help as many dog owners as possible in accessing quality training without restrictions. I know how hard it can be to find a trainer who can help with your dog because your dog won’t take treats, your dog has a more complex problem such as anxiety or is even reactive or aggressive. If you want to put the work in yourself, develop a better understanding with your dog and build your relationship further, I’m likely the trainer for you. All my services are based around teaching you to train your dog, not doing the work for you like would happen in a board and train. We offer private training for behaviour modification and obedience as well as group dog obedience in Sale.

1:1 Private In-Home Training

This is service is for those with pups or dogs who:

              • want to focus on specific problems you are having
              • have an issue that is needs to be addressed in the home environment
              • want to teach your dog specific skills
              • aren’t ready or don’t think group classes are for you
              • who want to have the VIP experience of having training tailored to you and your dog

Dog Obedience Behaviour Training Sale

Group Classes 

This service is for those with pups or dogs who:

              • want to learn general skills in building confidence and resilience
              • want to learn the foundation skills of how to build general commands solidly
              • have clear communication with their dogs so their dogs listen and understand

There are 2 classes available. Both will teach you the same skills but they have a different focus based on critical development periods of your pups/dogs.

Puppy Pre-school

For puppies aged up to 6 months

Dog Obedience in Sale

Basic Obedience

For puppies aged 16 weeks and older

Train For You

This service is for past and present clients only who live in SALE ONLY. Although I don’t offer services where I completely train your dog for you, I can assist to fast track your results by offering these sessions whilst you are away at work or out for the day to help progress you further by getting with those extra repetitions to help with the consistency of your training. These sessions can also be used as an enrichment session for your dog’s day where I can just do some fun activities with them or teach them tricks.