Puppy Class in Sale (up to 6 months)

Have a new puppy and want to learn how to teach them commands clearly, socialise them and most importantly, develop them into a confident pup who is eager to learn? Want to do this in a group environment so you can make new friends, feel a sense of community and expose your puppy to other pups and people? I’ve got just the service for you! Our Puppy Class in Sale is different from the others, focusing on building relationships with owners, resilience, confidence & commands.

This puppy class is based around the critical development period of your pup (up to 16 weeks). All puppies in this class are under 6 months and focus on really building your pup up with exposure to new things and building resilience. I understand as owners you want to also know how to build commands, so we also include this.

We’ve extended the age limit to 6 months to allow for pups that have missed out on early socialisation, however it’s important to get as much of the socialisation in within the early socialisation period (up to 16 weeks) to benefit your pup the most. If your older pup is particularly rambunctious, they may be better suited to the basic obedience class to focus more on structure and boundaries (don’t worry, we work on socialisation and building confidence and resilience here too).


6 week courses

45 minute sessions

When: Fridays at 4pm

Where: Ashton court, Sale (rear of the Sale & District Specialist School)

Cost: $240

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