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Like anything in life. In order to reach your goals you must break them down into smaller steps to set yourself up for success. Every step you overcome is one step closer to that end goal. You just need to keep taking steps that lead you closer to that goal. That’s not to say that if you make a mistake and take a step backwards that all is lost. It’s simply a step backwards. Just ensure your steps forward far outweigh your steps backwards.

The same applies to dog training.

Whatever the goal you have for your dog, you need to break it down into small, systematic, manageable steps. Make it easy for your dog to achieve success at each step. You can’t reach the top of a mountain without taking a series of smaller steps to get there. Enjoy the journey, you’ll learn more from the journey and about your dog than overcoming the goal itself.

Small successes help you build up to that big win. That’s what it takes to overcome a habit (for both dogs and people). The longer a habit exists, the more ingrained it will be. Have patience and bank the small successes. This is what will have you overcome the habit.

Celebrate those successes! Rewarding your dog for those small steps in the right direction is reinforcing. That is what is going to encourage the dog to behave/act in the way you want. It’s very motivating for them and they will give you even more effort towards training.

When building those steps, make sure each level is solid. Would you climb a ladder to reach the top if the rungs weren’t solid? It will only end in disaster. Don’t set yourself and your dog up for failure. Build each step to be reliable. You want to be confident that your dog is solid at each level and in that environment 99.9% of the time before moving on to more challenging things. Without a solid foundation, your training will crumble when you need it to be reliable the most.

Humans have this bad habit… we crave instant gratification. We may be having great success smashing out these steps and become so motivated, we want to start skipping ahead a couple of steps to get to that goal faster. This will only set you backwards for the reason above. Don’t let yourself sabotage your training with your dog.

If you end up taking a step backwards. That’s ok, not all is lost. You may both be less motivated, your dog may be confused and you may be feeling defeated, but it’s just a step backwards. Your dog doesn’t know what the end goal is, they are just working with what you are giving them in the way of information. They also don’t have the mental capacity that humans have so they aren’t feeling defeated. Take control of the situation at hand and later reflect on what happened and why, what you would change next time and soldier on.

With all that being said…the takeaway points are:

– break your goals down into smaller, systematic, manageable steps. Enjoy the journey!

-the longer a habit is left, the more time it will take to overcome. Be patient.

-celebrate the small successes. Rewarding any step closer to the end goal is reinforcing and motivating for your dog.

-make sure each level is solid before you make it more challenging for your dog. Build solid foundations.

-don’t go too far, too fast. Build it step by step or you’ll set both your dog and yourself up for failure.

-if you take a step back. That’s ok. Learn from it, adapt your plan if needed and soldier on.

Enjoy training your dog.

You’ve got this!

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