About Us

Unified Canine was established to assist with dog training in Sale and surrounding areas in Gippsland to members of the community who would greatly benefit from in-home training with their dogs.

Many issues you may be experiencing with your dog have an underlying cause. To manage these problems, the underlying cause needs to be addressed in order to tackle the issue with success.

The management is quite often adjusting how your dog exists in your household whilst building confidence, leadership and bonding with you. We aren’t going to tell you how you should be living with your dog, but we will help you adapt slightly to maximise the benefits for both of you.

This is why in-home private training is so very beneficial to your relationship. Just what you need to tailor training to your lifestyle and overcome the problems you are experiencing with your dog.

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About Me

My name is Carol Batchelor, and I am the owner/sole trainer at Unified Canine.

Outside of dog training, I come from a healthcare background of 13 years in both nursing and paramedics. I’m a wife and mother of 2 young children. I currently own one German Shepherd, Jasper. We lost our beautiful German Shepherd girl, Indi, late last year.

I have been volunteering my time for 5 years teaching group classes for a local dog club. However, I feel I can do more to help by taking private lessons in homes. For this reason, I’ve completed my certificate 3 in dog behaviour and training. I’ve also attended multiple seminars including those of Dave Kroyer, Trish Harris, Glen Cooke, Steve and Vicki Austin. I am always continuing my professional development to bring the most up to date and effective training to you.

I’m a bigger picture person. People are suffering with their dogs, even injured by their dog. Dogs are living with anxiety and some are being surrendered or even euthanised. For this reason, I train the dog in front of me with what that individual dog requires. I don’t limit my methods of training or train only a certain way. In my opinion, why would you? If there is a way to reduce pain and suffering for both owner and dog, then that’s what should be done. I use rewards and consequences in my results-based training. It creates clarity for the dog, which takes the guess work out for them.

Looking for dog training in Sale and surrounding areas?