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Indi’s Story

Indi came to us when she was 3 from a rehoming service. Ray and I went to meet her and knew she was right for us. The owner told us she did not have any behaviour problems and that the other dog in the family was bullying her. We did not realise the owner was just waiting for Indi to go to the right home before leaving a domestic violence situation. We brought Indi home with us that day.

I later discovered that she had actually had six homes.

The breeder had kept Indi a bit longer than normal as a show prospect, then sold to a couple which only lasted a few weeks. Somehow, she ended up in foster care for a while and was adopted by a family who had a child with autism. The child didn’t cope well having her there so she was rehomed to the owners we had got her from. As you can see, she’d had a pretty inconsistent home life through no fault of her own or her previous owners but still turned out fabulous. 

She has always been an awesome dog, and was very calm with all dogs, just very vocal when excited.

Her only problem was that initially it took two of us to walk her because she pulled like a train. We got a bit of training and soon overcome that problem.

We did basic obedience with Indi. She loved learning new things like tracking and scent work. Indi taught us how to get her to work with us and establish a better bond with too distracted in the beginning and not fazed by treats or toys. She was independent and a fun challenge to get her attention to listen to us.

A while later, Jasper came into our lives. Indi was a little less tolerant of the cheeky little puppies and would put other dogs in their place if they were getting up in her face. We were of the understanding to “let the dogs work it out” based on the advice we received. We also now understand that we should have in fact taken care of the cheeky dogs getting in her face rather than let her do it.

Indi passed away in November last year and we miss her deeply. Thank you for being the greatest companion and teaching us so much Indi.

Can you relate to Indi’s story? Looking for dog training and behaviour in Sale and surrounding areas and would like to learn how to get your dog working with you doing obedience or another discipline? It’s a lot of fun and an amazing feeling to connect with your dog.

Jasper’s Story

Jasper came to us as a puppy 8 months after getting Indi. We flew him from Queensland and picked him up from the airport. He was so scared after the plane ride he burst out of his crate straight into Ray’s arms.

Jasper was the perfect pup to train all through puppy class.

He was easy to train, engaged, well behaved and I had thought had socialised him well. I originally thought the running in circles around me was because he was energetic, but I now know it was actually anxiety.

At 12 months he was X-rayed for a breed improvement scheme for hip and elbow dysplasia. He passed easily. However when we picked him up from the vet, he was running around the clinic very scared. Jasper was nervous all the time from then on. He began growling at someone approaching him that weekend. He also started lunging at other dogs. We then had a problem that continued to get worse. I could not take him for a walk without something triggering him.

As soon as I left the house he was stressed and on alert for perceived dangers. It even got to the point he was stressed in the house looking outside for trouble.

I reached out for help early, from the first week he started displaying these behaviours. I put my trust in some trainers who seemed confident that they knew what they were doing. It took me a while (5 years) to realise that the advice I was being given was the complete opposite of what needed to happen and was detrimental to the rehabilitation of my dog. I just thought I must have been doing it wrong.

Of course, he just got worse and more explosive.

I went looking for information online of how to fix his problems myself when I realised what was happening. There was so much misinformation out there it took a further year to not only manage the unwanted behaviours but even begin to reduce his stress. Jasper has taught me so much and is the reason I am here to help you today. What he taught me has become the basis of my philosophy.

I’m pleased to tell you that he has not gone off at a dog for 2 years. He can not only control his impulses and look for guidance when he is stressed but his stress level as severely reduced to the point of hardly there. He keeps weight on better and doesn’t lose coat like he did. The freedom I’ve gained is phenomenal. I went from feeling like I’m preparing for war when I take him out to looking forward to seeing his reaction when I come across another dog, on lead and under control. He now literally looks to me for guidance instead of lunging.

Can you relate to Jasper’s story? Are you going through some or all of the same obstacles I did? Are you after dog training and behaviour in Sale or surrounding areas and would like to skip all the mistakes I made, fast forwarding to training that would really help? I can’t tell you it’s an easy or even short road to fix these kinds of behaviours, but it certainly is a relationship building one and it feels great to finally be able to understand your dog.


We got Ember at the end of November 2021, she’s currently 11 weeks old. My husband was interested in becoming a registered breeder as well as entering a few different obedience disciplines.

Being immersed in the Victorian world of Show line German Shepherds, we were pretty confident in where to look, what specific dams we liked and who to outright avoid. Being registered breeders does not necessarily mean reputable.

We’d always recommend registered to everyone due to the hoops they have to jump for physical health however, different breeders focus on just the outward appeal of a dog, many which breed “type” based on what the judges were putting up at the time. Let me tell you, There are very few we would go to. 

We were on a waiting list for about a year for our preferred breeder with our ideal dam. Well worth the wait for a confident, well structured puppy to hopefully become the foundation of our future breeding lines.

The number one focus until 16 weeks will be socialisation and engagement.

Do you have a new puppy and would like to get it right from the start too? Are you after dog training and behaviour in Sale or surrounding areas and would like to skip all the mistakes I made in the past?