Basic Obedience Class in Sale (16 weeks and over)

Have an older puppy or dog and want to learn how to teach them commands clearly, build confidence, catch up on socialisation and most importantly, develop them into a confident dog who is eager to learn? Want to do this in a group environment so you can make new friends, feel a sense of community and expose your puppy or dog to other pups/dogs and people? I’ve got just what you need! Our Basic Obedience Class in Sale is different from the others, focusing on building relationships with owners, resilience, confidence & commands.

This basic obedience class is for puppies who may be a little too boisturous for puppy class and older dogs who need to build the foundations to have clear commands…. so your dog listens the first time. This class is for puppies and dogs 16 weeks and over and focuses on building solid commands, confidence and resilience. Exactly where you need to start.

This class is NOT suitable for most reactive dogs. Please get in contact to discuss your dog’s needs. I am happy to help however this is more likely a 1:1 training need.


6 week courses

45 minute sessions

When: Fridays at 5pm

Where: Ashton Court, Sale (rear of the Sale & District Specialist School)

Cost: $240

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