Here’s the perfect solution for GIPPSLAND dog owners looking for dog obedience training and help with behaviour problems that will bring real world success…….FAST!

Whether your dog just doesn’t listen or is reactive, aggressive, anxious or just a bit over the top, I am here for you. Let me help.

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Are you looking for dog training in Sale, Victoria?

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At Unified Canine, we can help bring you & your dog together so you both are on the same page. By establishing an easy communication system to give clarity in the relationship, develop a deeper understanding between you and help overcome your current challenges…you can enjoy life together.

Carol, is the trainer for you in Sale and surrounding areas if you’re after fast, reliable results and are ready to start living life with that dream dog you’ve always imagined. Get the personalised training you and your dog need to reach that vision by contacting us today!


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Hi! I'm Carol.

Carol Batchelor is a dog training professional who understands dogs and can help you get that dream dog. The perfect solution for any dog owner in Sale & surrounding areas.

Obedience for the Family Dog.

For that ideal family companion. The dog you can take anywhere. A dog that listens and none of those annoying little behaviours.

Behaviour Modification.

We are the Behaviour Modification Specialists is Sale & the Surrounding areas. Lets stop that bad behaviour now.

Have a good dog that you dreamed of taking anywhere, but you’re at a loss because they:

  • Pull like a freight train when you’d just like to enjoy a relaxing walk together
  • Are often frantic and won’t settle when you just need to sit down with a good book during some downtime
  • Take no notice of you as soon as they get preoccupied with other things on their own little adventure when you just need them to listen, especially in that moment

You’re not alone. We understand how frustrating it can be and appreciate that you may be feeling embarrassed about your dog’s behaviour. The solution you are looking for may not be as difficult as you may think. Many problems simply arise from the language barrier between people and dogs. This creates confusion and frustration on both sides of the relationship.

The good news is, I deal with these problems on a day-to-day basis and can most certainly help you. I’ll use the fastest, fairest and most suitable methods for your dog, to get you to your goal of a more peaceful life with your dog as quickly as possible.



Naughty Behaviours Gone

Transform your dog into the well-mannered dog you want and need! You don’t have to wait.

Off Leash Reliability

Can you imagine the freedom for both of you?! Start now to enjoy having new adventures together!

A Dog That Listens!

Nobody likes to be ignored or misunderstood. Stop nagging now and get that dog that listens!

With our private one-on-one lessons, we can target the difficulties you are experiencing in the comfort of your own home. You will have training tailored to you and your dog to begin to achieve your goals in a relaxed environment where you can get your thoughts together and focus on the task at hand.

Matt D.

“This amazing woman has worked wonders for our two bulldozers. Our bad dog has become the better dog and both are walkable by any member of my family. Cannot recommend Carol enough for the help and support throughout this whole process.”

Sandra D.

“Good evening Carol. We misplaced the collar for a few days. But her memory recall is pretty good. In a walk she tries to shake the collar about three times. But is easily distracted and moves on. One very happy client here. Thank you.”

Brenton M.

“Very Personable. Easy and clear communicating trainer. Absolutely recommend”

Lisa E.

“Just had Carol do a loose leash training with our Lab. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. Xxx”

Jessica D.

“Can not recommend Carol enough, she has helped us turn our walks into a much more enjoyable experience. If you are in the Sale, Stratford, Maffra and Longford area and need help with your dog, get in contact with Carol today.”

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